School Water Safety and Surf Education

School Water Safety and Surf Education in school lessons - teach  Australian school children how to survive in the ocean. Our in School Surf Education presentations are easy to follow and show surf survival in its simplest and easiest form

Surf Educate Australia provides the most comprehensive coastal science and up to date Surf Education information within school programs. This combines with hands on practical instruction on the beach, and in the surf.

“SEA" is a "performance authorized within the Performances for Schools Program managed by the NSW Department of Education & Training.”

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IN-HOUSE SURF EDUCATION - 1 hour in-house power point presentation learning:

a. Coastal geography & environment

b. Surf zones – dangerous and safe areas

c. Rips – identification and easy escape methods

d. Waves – negotiating and returning to the beach safely

SEA is working alongside Doctor Rob Brander with our Surf Education presentations, who is the highest qualified Rip specialist known - using dye to identify rip movements. Together through powerpoint presentation, we have produced the simple messages for surf survival - right through to an insight on wave formation, coastal variation and rip movements for older students.

Presentations vary from 45 minutes to and hour and can be delivered to up to 100 students at a time

About Surf Educate Australia (SEA)

Surf Educate Australia is the premier provider of surf education & skills training in Australia for schools.   Having already contributed to the preservation of Australian lives - SEA aims to further reduce the national coastal drowning rate. 

Surf Educate Australia programs have been specifically designed in association with experts in coastal sciences and surf safety, to set a new benchmark in surf education and coastal environment. A theoretical classroom setting introduces the key surf education concepts, the student’s newly acquired knowledge is then conveyed at the beach, where they participate in active & educational activities.

We encourage all students to enjoy the many activities we offer, while learning to appreciate and care for the delicate coastal environment.

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School Surf Education programs

School Surf Education programs


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Founder - Craig Riddington

Craig Riddington - ironman, swimmer, President Surf Educators International


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