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Water Safety Programs Australia, Preschool Swimming and Beach Programs
SEA has developed Preschool Programs which educate children in a fun and interactive environment, and for adults to learn aquatic survival techniques, first aid and CPR - to ensure the safety of their children.  

Our Training Saves Lives

    • Do you feel safe at the beach with a toddler?

    • Do you feel safe near a swimming pool with your toddler?

    • Is your child familiar with beach safety?

    • Is your child familiar with water safety

    • If your child was taken out in a rip – could you save them?

    • Could you apply First Aid and CPR to save your child’s life?

    • Can you be assured that your family members will neve become a drowning statistic?

    About SEA Australia

    Nathaniel Max at age 2

    I’m Craig Riddington

    I first introduced the “Surf Educate Australia” programs in 1998 - to instill an aquatic survival instinct in Australian youth, not just physically, but also creating confidence through mental & emotional guidance. This program has saved many lives and since evolved into a health & safety initiative for all Australian schools and organisations.

    SEA Australia’s Pre School Water safety Programs

    Parents should have the confidence to take their children to the beach, pool or waterways knowing that their children are in safe hands. Many parents are unsure of how to read the beach & surf, or are uncertain of their ability to make a rescue, and therfore choose to stay away. Learning surf safety and basic water safety is simple, and could even save a life - that life could be your childs.

    Our programs provide the learning and basic skills to instill confidence in aquatic environments for children and parents


The program options include:

1. ADULT SURF EDUCATION - A one hour in-house power point

presentation teaching:

a. Beach geography – to show where it is safe to play with children on the waters edge

b. Surf zones – dangerous and safe areas

c. Rips – identification and easy escape methods

d. Waves - returning to the shore safely

2. EARLY LEARNING IN-SCHOOL SURF EDUCATION – A fun and basic educational lesson on beach & surf safety - teaching children:

a. Identifying lifeguards and lifesavers

b. Identifying the “red & yellow” swimming flags and understanding

why they are the safest place to swim

c. Sun protection and adult supervision

d. Basic beach and surf knowledge

3. PRE-SCHOOL (IN SCHOOL) WATER SAFETY AND SURVIVAL PROGRAM - A fun and basic educational lesson on aquatic safety for children:

a. Group discussion: Safety around the home, photos of safe and unsafe things around the home, and understanding dangerous play around all aquatic environments

b. Fun role playing: Various scenarios are played out

c. Simple rescue techniques

4. FIRST AID & CPR - Introductory courses for parents & teachers

5. BEACH & SURF - following on from the theory lesson into a practical environment – learning:

a. Identification of rips, sand banks, safe and unsafe surf zones, and beach areas

b. Rip escape demonstrations

c. Paddling a foam surfboard and catching waves

d. Basic surf negotiation and body surfing

e. Rip escape on foam surfboards

(more than 15,000 school children achieve this yearly)


Statistics show that the majority of drowning in Australia happens under the age of five.

Children can be nervous about their first experience in the water or on the other hand - they can be over confident with no fear or concept of water safety.

What is certain is that pre-school children are inquisitive and extremely vulnerable in the aquatic environment.

This program is designed for the pre school student to educate and address the importance of water safety and survival in a fun and interactive way. Taught in the school classroom with added aquatic flavour.

water safety

The program includes the following:


a) Safety around the home (bath, laundry, backyards etc.)

b) using pictures - children learn to recognize and identify the safe and unsafe safe surrounds 

c) Understanding dangerous play around all aquatic environments


Various scenarios are played out - our instructors dress and behave in a safe/unsafe manner. Children participate and identify the wrongs from rights


Even a young child can perform a dry land aquatic rescue, by firstly recognising a person in difficulty, then using everyday home articles, and implimenting them to perform a dry land rescue

water safety in pool

diving in

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Founder - Craig Riddington

Craig Riddington - ironman, swimmer, President Surf Educators International


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