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Rip survival

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

SEA Australia's guide.

How to Survive a rip

• Float, do whatever you have to stay afloat

• Don't panic, don't fight the rip, allow the rip to take you in most cases to the sandbank (where the waves are breaking) where you will reach safety

• If you are near others wave arm and yell for help, if you are alone conserve energy

• Do not decide to try and swim out of a rip! Move with the current at an easy pace to conserve energy. Follow the rip to where the waves are breaking and once there - allow the waves to push you back to the beach, or even walk back if the sandbank is shallow

• Make sure you follow the shallowest water back to the beach to avoid falling off the sand bank - back into the rip

• The key is to reduce the potential for panic by encouraging swimmers caught in rips to stay calm, stay afloat, and signal for help. Floating is the best way to keep our heads above water for longer

The word float is generally associated with pleasant, relaxation, calmness, and energy conservation.

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