Surf Swimming

Surf swimming, surf skills & technique courses with Craig Riddington and Jono Stock (former surf ironmen and representative pool swimmers).

Open water and surf swimming training (1hr) learning:

• Rip education - Identify and understand rips, sandbanks and the natural flow of the ocean within the surf break
• Surf skills - Negotiating the surf by using the bottom heading out and catching waves back into the beach
• Wading and dolphin diving
• Ocean swimming - learning how to look forward without breaking stroke and changing body position
• Ocean  swimming - racing tips i.e. Slipstreaming and dragging off other swimmers
• Option to learn paddling on surf craft, and basic surfing skills

*Learning outputs are dependent on surf conditions, more sessions may be required to complete all components

Private lessons

The SEA Australia coaching package includes the following options:


  1. Swimming technique session in still water, with the use of the Swimfassst stroke correction device (45min)

  2. Swimmfassst device with package

  3. Ocean swimming and surf swimming training


Recently I, along with a group from our Surf Lifesaving Club, was fortunate enough to complete the surf skills and ocean swimming course with Craig Riddington and Jono Stock. Craig's record as an ocean and surf swimmer and athlete is outstanding, so it was no surprise that he is able to demonstrate an incredible level of skill in the water.


The key to successful adult learning is to be able to explain, show and teach. It is in these areas that Craig and Jono excel. The lessons are tailored to the learning objectives of the group and the conditions of the day. The underlying theory was explained, the skills were demonstrated and then practiced until the competency was achieved.


Different people have different objectives when looking for training. Whether it be for skills, competition or just to feel more confident in the ocean, this course is excellent. Perhaps the most valuable part is the way in which Craig and Jono are able to teach people to think about moving through the ocean. This approach sets up the attendees for ongoing learning and development.


Can't recommend this course highly enough.


Darryl Walker