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School Sport

Schools requiring a surf program during school sport periods can take on the surf skills program over a full term, or a selection of days. The program can be tailored to include surfing or the surf survival award.

A variation of surf skills activities over a school sport term is the most comprehensive way to develop essential surf skills. This is due to the variation in surf conditions from one week to the next, due to tides, wave variations and sandbank/rip structures that change daily. (see images)


*Covid 19 safety plan

The school sport program can be tailored to suit the schools requirements, whether it be the introduction of stand up surfing and/or the surf survival award for students wishing to extend their new skills onto school surfing electives in high school.


We also introduce more team building formats to encourage the kids to challenge themselves, without exposing any personal weaknesses. The learning outcomes below are a guide as we adjust each lesson to suit the surf conditions presented on the day.


Many schools will still choose this program as a non selective sport lesson


Learning outcomes:

•Rip identification and survival by demonstration

•Still water assessment and basic survival skills

•Paddling a foam surfboard and catching waves

•Surf negotiation and body surfing

•Rip escape on foam surfboards

•Board starts and paddling through waves

•Group relays and team building

•Beach events (as an option when water conditions are not favourable -venue dependent)

•Board rescues

•Surfing skills such as sitting up, pivoting and manoeuvring boards Options

•Stand up surfing

•Snorkelling in cabbage tree bay

•Coastal studies

•Surf survival award


We provide identifiable lycra vests for all kids, foam surfboards, leg ropes, snorkel and masks if required.

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